50 Days of Logos

A challenge in which I am given a prompt for a new logo design project every 50 days. This is a long one, so buckle in.

Disciplines: Logos, Motion Graphics

Completion Date: February 2020

A rocket propulsion technology company.

A hot air balloon equipment company.

A wildlife preservation foundation.

A logo inspired by a specific letter (K).

An automotive manufacturer focused on self-driving cars.

A high-end fashion brand.

A local coffee shop and roastery.

A ski mountain and lodge.

A music streaming service.

A restaurant with a focus on barbecued and grillled items.

The very logo challenge that these are all for.

A new airline brand.

A sophisticated, modern barber shop.

A cloud data computing agency.

A toy company with an emphasis on STEM learning.

A cunning marketing consulting agency.

A science and engineering lab with a geometric logo.

A bubbly new cupcake shop.

An Australian luxury hotel brand.

A forested national park.

A granola bar brand targeting consumers that enjoy the great outdoors.

A logo for an upscale city.

A high-quality, high-performance boating brand.

A friendly bike shop with individualized service.

A videographer's personal brand.

A task-management app.

A fun, playful ice cream brand.

A hip new clothing and lifestyle brand.

A new ride-sharing service.

An eccentric sneaker brand.

A non-profit organization for the homeless.

A possum-based sports team.

A fun, quality fast food joint.

A social media platform based on image and link sharing.

A kids' dinosaur theme park.

A record label company.

A TV news network.

A modern university.

A new international messaging app.

An all-in one camera and full-featured photo editing app.

A new dating and relationships app.

A delivery service with a focus on simplicity.

An architectural design firm.

A food truck specializing in unique flavor combinations.

A quality construction company.

A boutique baby apparel brand.

A fresh, new smoothie shack.

A cell phone company with a focus on information security.

A toy shop for unique finds both old and new.

A local barcade.

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